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Connect For Free Join MyStepTo's growing online community of professionals and experts

About Us

Having worked in the recruitment, assessment, career development and outplacement industry with various companies and in various countries for many years we were conscious of a need within the industry to provide individuals with the support and advice they needed to confidently take their next steps in their career and their life.

Whilst there are ample job sites on the internet, none of these sites appear to focus specifically on the wider picture of career progression. Also none of them seem to harness the power or the community that can arise from belonging to a social network; an aspect that can make a huge difference to individuals focused on making their career really work for them.

Recognising that a community based website containing advice and resources aimed at helping career progression could help the majority of people at one time or another we decided that we had to try to create such a community.

In 2010 we launched MyStepTo with the aim of creating a single Internet community for people to visit when they are trying to take that next step, and we have never looked back.

No where else on the web will you find a career focused social network that offers their members an unlimited supply of articles, career information, access to career and personal development experts as well as a great range of employment opportunities.

We truly hope that our network is of use to you and that it helps you to achieve all of your career goals.

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