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Connect For Free Join MyStepTo's growing online community of professionals and experts

Our online Career Manager puts you in control

Our lives are busy and we are so busy with day-to-day activity that we don’t make time to work out what career is right for us… we just keep going in the same old job. Most people only take stock of their career during a transition created by – a new qualification; a promotion, a relocation or a redundancy.

In fact, planning and managing your career should be an ongoing process that you revisit as your career and employment circumstances evolve and change. So, if you are wondering what job to do next or where your career is heading, The MyStepToCareer Manager offers the ideal suite of tools.

My StepTo Career Manager will support you during any transition you face in your career. It will also enable you to be MORE STRUCTURED, MORE FOCUSED and ultimately MORE SUCCESSFUL in achieving your career aspirations.

My StepTo Career Manager leads you through a number of carefully prepared steps to help you explore your options, understand your strengths and development needs, recognise your achievements, build a networking and personal marketing plan.

Through this process you will develop your CAREER MASTER PLAN that will help you fulfil your aspirations.

The step process

MyStepTo Career Manager is a system of processes and tools that enables our premium members to effectively plan, manage and control their activities at all stages of their careers. It can be used as an ongoing support mechanism for longer-term career management.

Join our growing online community as a Premium Member to access and use this valuable application.

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