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Connect For Free Join MyStepTo's growing online community of professionals and experts
Connect For Free Join MyStepTo's growing online community of professionals and experts

Our Aim

You could say that MyStepTo is one of a kind. Unlike traditional social networks whose sole goal is to encourage consumer interaction, at MyStepTo we have taken this community networking one step further and have created the first career focused social network – ever!

First job, promotion, career change, redundancy, retirement or starting your own business… whatever walk of life our members have come from, at MyStepTo our goal is to help you through this major transition in your life and ensure you come out the other side smiling.

And our social network can do just that!

Once you join you will be able to network with individuals, employers, recruiters, life coaches, career consultants – essentially anyone who has setup a company profile with us – and share your life/career experiences.

But this is not all you’ll find. Aside from being able to create groups where you can exchange experiences with others in similar situations or practice your interview techniques, you’ll also find endless career information and employment opportunities. Jobs that you can happily apply for confident that MyStepTo will be there to support you every step of the way.

Where else can you find such a unique combination, all in one place? The support of an intimate social network, and an unlimited supply of career choices, job vacancies and careers advice? The answer is nowhere.

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